Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I say toMAYto, you say toMAHto

Hello! It's true, my flatmate Ashleigh and I always get into disagreements over who pronounces things wrong! In the end, it's me who is usually wrong because she says, "you're in Australia so you're the one who's wrong." Haha, she's right. I can't push what I think is "right" on her. I just think it's fun to discuss the differences in pronounciation and language! It never gets old!

So since I have been back from the Northwest trip, things have been pretty normal. Just trying to get caught up in school and get back into work mode! It's so so hard to be a student here. I could never do it full time. The combination of the climate being so nice, only being in class 8 hours a week, and the learning/teaching style SO different from home--- really makes me miss UW Eau Claire. Don't get me wrong, I LOVEEEE it here. It's just that I have gotten so used to the way I do things at home, that it makes for an interesting adjustment. Even though I feel that sometimes I am not benefiting at all from the way they do school here, I think I am learning a lot about myself and how to adjust to change.. Since I'm forced to do stuff Murdoch Uni's way, I am learning to adjust! So that's the bright side of it! But I think one semester here is perfect, and going back to UWEC in September will be an eye-opening, yet comforting experience!

Another thing that is different here is coffee. Before my sophomore year, and before I got a job at The Coffee Grounds in Eau Claire, I was not keen on coffee or coffee flavored things at all! But after working there for a year and a half, I loooove it. I splurged the other day, and went to the cafe on campus for the first time. I just couldn't stand any more of walking past and smelling the coffee. The menu is sooo confusing. There is no plain coffee, black. They don't use coffee pots... I didn't know until now that those are typically American.. Their "coffee" is strictly espresso! I guess they like their drinks strong! So the menu read things like "flat white, short black" no idea what those meant. So I just got a mocha (pronounced Mucka, I got laughed at for calling it a Mooohhhcha) and it was delicious!!

So, I am very excited today because I just booked my plane ticket to Cairns! I leave on Friday April 2nd and I will be there for a week until April 9th! We have ANOTHER study break.... even though we just had one three weeks ago. But good for us, because we get to go on another amazing trip!! Much thanks and appreciation goes out to my parents, without them none of my adventures would be possible.. Love them. But I think all of these things will turn out to be worth it 20 years down the road when I can look back on my 20s and remember all the things I did and experienced! In Cairns I plan to go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, go white water rafting, go on a tour of the rainforest, hopefully see some Crocs! etc etc. I want to see everything...! Meanwhile, I am probably booking my trip to New Zealand on the 3rd study break within the next day as well. We just need to figure out the dates, because we need to get back in time for finals!!! This trip would be a 9-day tour around the south island! So amazing, and I'm so lucky I am able to do all of these things! I'm so grateful!

Well, enough about that.. I actually have a school-life right now, and should get back to writing my executive briefing for my marketing class that is due on Thursday! Cheers!!! xoxox

PS. I had to buy a new camera, because the one I've had for about 3 years died for good! RIP. My new one is amazing, and I will be watching over it as if it were my own child! Here is a picture of the sky outside my balcony after the biggest rain storm Perth has seen in years---(no editing done to the pic)!

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