Monday, December 21, 2009

37 Days...

Hello all! I made this blog today to get ready for my time abroad. I will hopefully be posting often about my experiences and travels... and of course my studies. It is coming up so fast! Only 37 days left.. I leave on January 26th, at 2:15 from MSP. I fly to Chicago for a layover, then off to LA. Our flight leaves LA at 10:30 PM that night, and after a 14 hour flight, we will land in Nadi, Fiji on Jan. 28th. I will not experience January 27th because we are flying over the international date line... weird!

My group (there are 11 UW Eau Claire students) and I will be staying at the Nadi Bay Resort for 4 nights. It will be amazing! After that, we fly to Sydney, Australia where we will be staying at the Wake Up! Sydney resort for 4 more nights. I am so excited to tour the city! The "resorts" we will be staying in are actually nice hostels for around $35/night per person. Not a bad deal!

We will leave Sydney on February 5th, and fly to Perth. There we will catch a shuttle bus to the University village. The Student Village is a bunch of apartment buildings for students to live on campus. I will be living with 4 other people in a 5-bedroom apartment. I get my own room!! The 4 other people could be from anywhere, guys or girls. And I won't find out who they are until I arrive. I'm hoping for a good set of roommates. After we arrive in Perth, we have a week for orientation. Classes start on Feb 15th. I am taking Marketing Management, Integrated Marketing Communications, and Digital Photography.

For now, I am just preparing myself for my four and a half months abroad. Spending time with family, saying goodbyes, and preparing all the necessary travel documents. I can't wait for this incredible experience, it will be a once in a lifetime adventure!