Sunday, February 7, 2010

No worries

Hello again all! Since I last posted I met my other guy roommate. Turns out that there is only one boy, and one of the girls moved out yesterday. So there is 3 of us in this lovely apartment. Yesterday was a craaaaazy day. I met up with my group to walk to the nearby Kmart to get supplies for our rooms. I ended up buying a lot of stuff (the cheapest I could find of it) because I'm going to need it all for the next 4 months. I bought a pillow, which I will never take for granted ever again. I also bought towels, a blanket, all my shower essentials, kitchen supplies, and alarm clock, a hair dryer, etc. Upon leaving the store we faced the dilemma with how to get home with all of our stuff. All of my things filled my cart (called a Trolley here) and none of us have a car. In Australia you are allowed to take carts with you back to where you live if you don't have other transportation. So imagine all of us trucking down a pretty busy street with full shopping carts. We looked homeless. So we pushed them alllll the way back to Murdoch village, about a mile and a half. It was a feat let me tell you. Now that I had all this stuff to furnish my room and apartment, I was going to need some groceries. Well, we had to walk all the way back and do it all over again. So crazy, and tiring. I bought a LOT of food that will hopefully last me a loong time so I don't have to go back to the grocery store for a while!

So that was the crazy madness of yesterday. But it didn't end there. Once we got back from the grocery store it was about 7ish. I was hoping to take the time to put all my groceries away, but I came back to the apartment to find my roommates and a lot of their friends watching a movie with the lights off. I felt bad but I needed to put my groceries away so I turned on a light. At this point I felt like they hated me because they hadn't talked to me that much yet. I felt like I was kind of getting in their way, or that they didn't need any new friends so they would rather not talk to me... I was pretty upset about it and vented to my friends. They told me to stick it out and wait because it will get better. Last night there was a get together/party out on the terrace by our apartment buildings, and my roommates came down with me to that. We started talking and getting to know each other better. Their names are Ashleigh and Cameron. I think we will get along really well. And we are going to have 2 other people join us because we have 2 empty rooms! Today we are going to hopefully just relax after the crazy day we had yesterday!

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  1. Hi Brianna!! I just can't believe what an exciting adventure you are on! WOW! You are learning soooo much and seeing soooo much . . . you will be such a worldly grown up person when you return home! Thanks for posting all you adventures; it's really going to be fun to keep up with your life in Australia!! Keep safe honey! Love ya! Sue