Thursday, February 11, 2010

Getting settled in my new home

Hello again! So the past couple days have gone by SO fast. I'm sure that's exactly how the semester will be too. I need to make the most of it while I can! After that crazy day that I posted about last time, I was intent on relaxing on Sunday. We met up with a bunch of people who also live in the student village and a big group of us decided to go to Cottesloe beach. We had to take a bus and then a train to get there but it was well worth it! We set up camp on the beach and just relaxed. This was a much needed break from the constant travelling and time adjusting that we had been used to. It was finally beginning because we were actually in the place we had been intending to go. The Cottesloe beach was very pretty! This was the first time I had been in the Indian Ocean so that was cool. I had my first basket of authentic Fish n Chips here, they were SO SO good. I'll definitely be getting more of those in the near future. Later that night we hung out with the same group of people in one of their flats. It was great to be able to start meeting people outside of the Eau Claire group.

The next morning was Monday, first day of orientation week. And by orientation I mean about one hour at the most per day. So it's not really considered orientation week in my book, but just a week to relax and do whatever I want every day! I could get used to this... But I am acutally getting excited for classes to start, on Monday. Anyways, Monday we had an hour of international student orientation just to get us prepared for what we will experience as a student at Murdoch. It was pretty interesting, and I think I will have a great time here! One thing that is very different is my class schedule. I have 3 classes and each of them have one lecture and one workshop each week. So that is 6 times I have to report to class in a week of classes. I don't even have classes on tuesdays. In Australia it's much more of an independent learning environment. They expect you to come to class, but also do much more reading and learning on your own when you are not in class. I hope I can adjust to this change quickly. I'm so used to constant little assignments, but here there is like one or two assignments per semester and then a final test. So different!

That same night, my roommate who has now moved out made us all Chicken curry for her going away dinner! I am a very picky eater and don't usually try things that are out of my comfort zone. I didn't want to be rude so I ate it and I loved it! It was very spicy, which I liked! We didn't do much that night either except chill and play soccer on the lawn outside the flats.

On tuesday we went into downtown Perth by way of bus and train. It was such a great sight to see! I love the city it's so gorgeous and thriving! We basically went into town to buy cell phones but ended up staying to shop and look around some more. Yesterday it was a bit cloudy out, which is out of the ordinary for Perth. We were all a bit lazy and stayed inside for most of the day doing laundry, journaling/facebooking. But we made up for it and went out on the town to Fremantle. It was a simple ten minute bus ride to the town where there is great night life! The bars and clubs are only open until 12 on weekdays, but it was still a great time! I'm hoping for some memorable times this weekend as well, because all the students are back in town for the beginning of school. So it should be a great weekend!

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