Sunday, January 3, 2010

Waiting patiently?

Hello again! As for the countdown to Australia goes, it's down to 24 days. YAYY! It's been almost 2 weeks since I last posted. Just goes to show how faaast time goes. I need to cherish it here before I leave, let alone while I am gone. I don't want to take a single second for granted.

As I get closer and closer to departure, I am getting everything taken care of... with the help of my dad of course. He's helping me with my whole banking situation (ie. notifying my bank and the credit card company that I will be overseas for about 5 months). Also, whether I actually need to or not, I've done a lot of shopping. It's a guilty pleasure. I pass by all of the winter clothes and head for the sale racks full of skirts, dresses, tank tops, oh my! But I must remember... I am STUDYING abroad. Hopefully I'll get a nice wake up call when I start my classes. Or I might not, haha. It's all about the experience, everything included. And I cannot wait. Bring it onnnn!

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  1. Bri, I think that "I imagine myself decking out in treandy gear for endless nights on the town." has probably got to be the corniest thing I've ever heard you say! I'm gonna miss you tons!